You may never heard of Forestwest nor the kinetic log splitter, you may wonder what is Kinetic Log Splitter and why I should choose Forestwest? Let's see if we can answer that:

What is Kinetic Log Splitter?

Forestwest kinetic log splitters use two spinning flywheels to store energy from the engine and releasing it in one burst to pop through logs with record speed with a rack and pinion system. Here are the main benefits of this log splitter:

  • The full cycle time on a kinetic log splitter is as little as 2.5 seconds, 6 times faster than most hydraulic models.
  • Kinetic log splitters are stronger than same capacity hydraulic ones, because the force they produce comes in one quick thrust.
  • Kinetic log splitter requires minimum maintenance and service, just keep it clean and lubricated.

Why should I choose Forestwest?

See for yourself! Our 7ton kinetic log splitter is always available for testing by customers. We are always surprised by what this small 7ton can do.

  • We have been dealing with Kinetic Log Splitter before Forestwest, they were designed, developed and manufactured in our factory together with a US company 15 years ago.
  • We upgraded the gears and motor before selling in Australia, to make sure they can handle Australian hardwood. We also developed the 15ton electric and 18ton petrol log splitter specifically for Australia.
  • We have tested lots of hardwood, like jarrah, red gum, blackwood, stringy bark, yellow box, blue gum, etc. on different machines, and you can always find a right machine for the wood.

Don't just take our words for it, check the reviews we got on each product, and some of the testing videos filmed by us and our customers: