9HP Walking Tractor, Self Propelled Tractor BM11088

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Forestwest gladly to introduce brand new Self Propelled Tractor, with 270cc 9hp RATO recoil start petrol engine, and varieties of implements for working on ploughing and tilling your farm and improving the quality of your soil and increasing you yield.

There are few reason that this walking tractor is suitable all sorts of farming or gardening jobs.

Versatility: Forestwest walking tractors are highly versatile machines. They can be equipped with various attachments and implements, such as plows, cultivators, harrows, seeders, and rotary tillers. This versatility allows them to perform a wide range of tasks, including tilling the soil, planting seeds, cultivating crops, mowing grass, and hauling loads.

Maneuverability: Forestwest Walking tractors are compact and lightweight, making them highly maneuverable in tight spaces and on uneven terrain. Their two-wheel design and ergonomic controls enable easy navigation around obstacles, narrow rows, and between plants. They can access areas that are inaccessible to larger tractors, making them suitable for small farms, gardens, and orchards.

Cost-effective: Forestwest Walking tractors are generally more affordable than larger tractors and machinery. They require less initial investment and have lower operating costs. Their compact size also means they require less fuel and maintenance compared to larger machines. For small-scale farmers or homeowners with limited land, walk-behind tractors provide a cost-effective solution for mechanized tasks.

270CC 9HP Walking Tractor Tractor Features:

  • 270cc 9hp RATO engine build for last long and robust for work;

  • Self Propelled with 4 forward and 3 reserves gears;

  • Power Take Off (PTO) which enables connections of various attachments and implements;

  • Attachment Compatibility with wide range of attachments;

  • Height Adjustable Handles to accommodate operators of different heights and preferences;

  • Manual differential lock allows for tighter turning in narrow space without losing power and traction;

  • Safety Handle to protect the operator and others.



    270CC 9HP Walk Behind Tractor BM11088

    Engine 9HP RATO petrol engine with Recoil start 
    Forward Gears 4
    Forward Speed  1.11/2.59/4.45/11.24km/h
    Reverse Gears 3
    Reverse Speed  1.11/2.59/4.45km/h

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