Why you should choose Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller?

For relatively large gardens, tilling can be very intimidating, especially when you have a hard ground garden. A rear tine tiller is the perfect machine to deal with that, a rear tine tiller can break up and soften the hard ground make it easy to be cultivated and sowed.

Basically there are three models with different types of rotating tines:

  • Counter rotating tine.
  • Forward rotating tine.
  • Dual rotating tine.

Counter Rotating Tiller:

It provides a more aggressive digging action that can handle tougher compacted soil, it can dig deeper and is perfect for breaking up hard and rocky ground. 

Forward Rotating Tiller: 

It may not dig as deep as the counter rotating tiller, but since the rotation of tine goes with you, you can go a lot faster and not catch on the grass or rocks, so it is perfect for some light tilling or cultivating and can finish the job smoothly and efficiently.

Dual Rotating Tiller:

Now you should already know the answer to our question. For a dual rotating tiller, you can operate in both rotating styles, you can go counter rotating when you are breaking up the ground first time in a while, and you can switch to forward rotating when you just want to maintain it nice and easy. The dual rotating tiller really offers the ultimate in versatility and performance.

Apart from the rotation type, there are other factors you need to consider when purchasing a tiller:


Tires: the tiller should have large and heavy duty tires for better traction, and make it easy for you to guide the tiller across.


Depth stake: you can easily adjust the tilling depth with a depth stake on the tiller.


Transmission: a good tiller should give you both forward and backward transmission so it's easier to guide the tiller. Forestwest dual rotating tiller also has a neutral so it's easier to move the tiller without starting.


Forestwest dual rotating tiller rotary hoe has all these great features, you can also check the testing video we make. Click here for more information on this great tiller!

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