Forestwest Sawmill Testing Results by local customer with Hardwood

Dear customers,

Introducing our petrol wood sawmill today. Forestwest now has three models of sawmill for sale, 22" sawmill with 10hp engine, 26" sawmill with 15hp engine, and the 32" sawmill with 14hp engine. Recently we have our customers test the 26" one and 32" one with Australian hard wood, red gum and white gum.

The results and feedback we got are very good. Here are the wood slabs cut by 32" sawmill. 

"The mill is very user friendly. It did wonderfully on its first outing. I'll send you a video as soon as I get a chance. Very happy with the mill"

There are three different sizes sawmills available, the 22" 10hp Sawmill, 26" 15hp Sawmill, 32" 14hp Sawmill.

Check some other great features of Forestwest Sawmills:

Forestwest sawmill are powered by oversize engine with e-start. Either Kohler engine or Rato engine.

The height on Forestwest sawmills can be adjusted accurated by mm or inch

The blade is easy to swap on Forestwest sawmills

The blade extension is also very easy to adjust.

The height on this Forestwest sawmill is very easy to adjust with the locking device

All Forestwest sawmill comes with log locking bar and log post.

Support jacks are included in Forestwest Sawmill to ensure the machine can be used on uneven ground.

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