How to choose the right dumper for you?

What is Dumper used for?

Thanks to their robust engine, high speeds and compact size. A motorized wheelbarrow is crucial equipment in the congested site, rough outdoor terrain like forests or indoor environment with strict noise-level requirement. A dumper is proven equipment that moves lots of earth over short or medium distances within very little time. Basically, there is three important tasks for the dumper.

1. Earthing Moving/Site Clearing

The most common application of wheeled dumpers is to move the earth. Here, excavators or spades are used to load the said earth onto the dumper. The dumper is then driven by the operator who delivers or removing the earth or trash where it's needed to go. On average, Forestwest wheelbarrow can move from 300kg to 500kg of earth per trip.

2. Back-fill soil

Just in the same way mini dumpers can move earth from one location to another, they can also be used to back-fill soil into previously excavated sites. Here, the dumpers are loaded in the same way as explained above and the operators then drive and dump the earth onto the excavated area. Their bucket tipping availability makes them good back-filling equipment. They can be used to back-fill trenches, fencing holes, sewerage pits, and any other excavated site. 

3. Transport building supplies around the site

Earth aside, a motorised dumper can be used to transport construction supplies as well. This is ideal where the materials are bulky and need to be transported over short distances around the site. Dumpers are fast as they can quickly offload materials through their hydraulic swivel function. They can also navigate through tight spaces easier. Some of the materials that can be transported here include cement, sand, ballast, aggregate, bricks, and even water.

How to choose the right motorsed wheelbarrow?

When choosing a dumper, the main aspects to consider are:

  • Load volume: this is one of the key criteria when choosing a wheelbarrow, the maximum carry capacity decides how much the dumper can carry. Forestwest dumper range provide either 300kg or 500kg maximum loading capacity.
  • Power chain: a robust and reliable petrol engine or powerful and long duration electric motor will be the options of yours. Consider battery driven electric motor if noise free/control is your top priority, otherwise petrol engine is much more convenient for outdoor working.
  • Driving system: Driving system refers to Wheels driving or Tracked driving, this should be considered as working site terrain. Tracked dumper is more suitable for mud/soft terrain where higher traction is required and wheeled barrow is more suitable for rather hard or paved surface.
  • Tip method: a correct tip-off/dumping method will save huge manpower and time. Forestwest mini dumper range offers Hydraulic or Manual tip for your choice. Hydraulic is driven by hydraulic pump and fluid which is hassle-free, and able to lift up heavy loading. Some of the manual tip have build-in gas-spring to assist , made lift-up bit easier.

The following testing video was filmed by our customer who using our electric wheelbarrow transfer branch,logs and compost.

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