How We're Managing Coronavirus at Forestwest

Update - 9am Monday 23rd March (EST)

We are following the information as provided by the Victorian Premier's press release this morning. Forestwest in both Melbourne and Perth is still open and trading both in-store and online. We are now taking the following extra measures - 

  • We are requesting our staff to take basic protective measures against the coronavirus.
  • We will practice social distancing (1.5-2m) whilst serving you in-store
  • We urge customers to use electronic payments instead of cash in-store
  • If you are displaying any Coronavirus symptoms you will be asked to leave - we are doing this to protect the mental health of our staff
  • If you are unsure or need more information about Coronavirus please visit

We have not received advice yet about the status of retail trade in Perth but if this is different to Melbourne we will provide separate updates on this as soon as possible.

We are tackling the implication of the Coronavirus outbreak proactively here at Forestwest. 

We are disinfecting door handles, our customer service counters as well as machinery and other displays in the showrooms on a very regular basis. When you come in-store you are likely to see this in action - we are doing it to maintain in-store hygiene for you, our staff and our other customers. 

We normally keep our bathrooms very clean. Instead of daily cleaning, we are checking them throughout the day and making sure they stay spotless, along with kitchens and other high-traffic areas.

Looking After Our Staff & Customers

We are working at 100% now and have contingency plans in place if a number of our staff are unable to attend work, but ask for your understanding if the situation becomes more disruptive.

We have wellness management plans in place for at-risk staff and have committed to financially support all employees in the event of a partial or complete business shutdown. 

Following the WHO published advice for the public against COVID-19, we require our in-store staff to wear disposable masks & gloves when serving the customers. We also ask all in-store staff to maintain safe social distancing (1.5-2m at least). Due to shortage of sanitizer supply, we are unable to provide all come to store customers with sanitizer. But we ask everyone to wash hands frequently. Both Melbourne and Perth stores are asked to keep doors open for better ventilation. We’re taking these measures in order to create a safe working & shopping place for our staff & customers, so we ask for your understanding and to treat everyone with respect.

If the government requires store closures or we believe the risk to our staff becomes too great to continue operating the retail stores, we will advise via the website, social and email immediately.

We will continue to dispatch all orders received either online or placed over phone. If we are unable to do this, we will be in touch within 24 hours and will offer either a full refund or if you are happy to wait, we will hold the order until it can be dispatched again.

Shopping In-Store and Online

While the stores remain open at this time, we believe that in coming days our retail stores will be required to close and we will only be able to operate online. If this is the case, or you do not feel comfortable coming in-store now but wish to collect your order we recommend the following steps - 

  • Order AND Pay Online
  • Choose the Store Pick-Up option
  • In the Comments field please advise the day and time you wish to collect your order
  • Call the store number 10 minutes prior to arrival and we will leave your order clearly marked with your name at the front door

It is our preference that as many customers as possible take this option now. 

Latest Information from our Carriers

We have been advised on some changes to how deliveries will take place by all of our carriers. The good news is that freight companies are operating at full capacity. For more information of actions of the freight companies we are working with, please check below:



Couriers Please

Keep Calm, Stay Safe

If you have any queries about the above info please feel free to contact us, or come and see us. We are keeping it clean so if you need to come in and grab something quickly, you can visit with confidence.

We hope that you stay safe and well during this period. We are looking forward to helping you with your needs.

If you need to get in touch with me for any reason please email us.

Thank You.