FAQ on Forestwest Kinetic Log Splitters.

1. What is the difference between a kinetic log splitter and a hydraulic log splitter?

For a hydraulic log splitter, a hydraulic pump pumps oil into a hydraulic cylinder, it slowly pushes the splitting ram to split logs. Therefore, hydraulic machines are powerful but slow.

Kinetic log splitters are designed to maximize the splitting force by increasing the splitting ram's speed, the cycle time is usually 2-3 sec. The motor spins the heavy flywheels at a high speed, storing kinetic energy. The energy is release to the ram with a rack and pinion system, the ram shoots out at a high speed, splitting logs with great force and speed.

2. What kinds of wood can the Forestwest Kinetic Log Splitter split? Can it handle hardwoods?

The kinetic log splitter can get more power than the hydraulic log splitter from the same motor, and even if you came cross a tough piece, you can do multiple attempt to crack that open. 

The flywheel system magnifies and concentrates the energy from the engine, so the kinetic log splitter is normally more powerful than the hydraulic log splitter with the same tonnage rate. For instance, the performance of 15ton kinetic log splitter is similar to the 20ton hydraulic log splitter.

The Forestwest 7-10ton kinetic log splitters are ideal for medium- to high-density woods, such as jarrah, yellow box, etc. For tougher hardwoods, like red gum, stringy bark etc, we recommend the 15ton or 18ton kinetic log splitter. As for the toughest wood, such as iron bark, tuart, wandoo, we recommend the 26ton or 34ton log splitter.

3. Should I choose a petrol or electric log splitter?

Electric log splitters are great for splitting indoors, but it requires access to a electric power source or a generator. They are quite and require almost no maintenance.

On the other hand, Petrol Log Splitters have a bit more power and can be used anywhere on your property. They require some routine maintenance and must be used outdoors because of the fume and noise.

4. Is there any regular maintenance required on the kinetic log splitter?

There is minimum maintenance required for the kinetic log splitter, you only need to wipe down the track and keep the machine clean, and lubricate the rack once in a while with all purpose grease oil. You don't need to worry about adding hydraulic oil or oil leak or any pump issues.

5. Is there assembly required for Forestwest Kinetic Log Splitter?

All the Forestwest Kinetic Log Splitter are pre-assembled, you only need to put the stand and the tray onto the machine, so there isn't much assembly required at all.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 1300 281 198, or email us at sales@forestwest.com.au, or visit us at Perth and Melbourne store.

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