Introducing the upgrades on all Forestwest kinetic log splitter since 2020:

1. As you all know, the rack and pinion are two of the most important parts on kinetic log splitters, they are constantly engaging and disengaging to perform the splitting action. The manufacture process of the rack and pinion has been upgraded, several new metals have been added to make them stronger and more wearable against Australian hardwood.

2. The flywheels are another significant part on kinetic log splitter, they determine how much can be store for splitting firewood. All the flywheels have now been hardened and are heavier now to store more energy to split firewood.

3. All the wheels on our 7ton, 10ton, 15ton and 18ton kinetic log splitter have been enlarged for higher stability and manuverability.

4. All the bolts and nuts are also upgrade to higher standards.