Introducing Forestwest 500KG Electric Mini Dumper

Green is not simply a colour, it is also a mission of Forestwest. It is a mission of bringing eco-friendly ideas as well as actions we have made over the years.

Since the Low Emission Acts had been published for a long period of time. Zero and low emissions requirement becomes harsher. Many businesses and companies are looking for alternatives. Electric Vehicles (EV) are the trail to approach the green future. 

Forestwest has launched two EV this year. They are the 500kg Capacity Electric Mini Dumper for greener operation.

An electric mini dumper is compact that designed for transporting materials without hardship. It is suitable for various scale projects. It can easily handle solid and liquid contents, such as soil, dirt, sand, gravel, concrete/cement and any organic & non-organic contents.

An electric mini dumper is safe to work in an enclosed environment. It is agile and easy to maneuver in small spaces. It never exhausts toxic fume and does not carry flammable fuel.

Forestwest 500kg Electric Mini Dumper is powered by a 48v 32Ah battery driving a brushless DC motor, this gives up to ten hours of running time and the rechargeable battery can be topped up in a couple of hours. It can work on gradients of 20 degrees and a built-in motor brake system is incorporated with a fail-safe dead-man’s handle to prevent the unit from rolling backwards.  

“The electric model is designed to be as simple to use as possible.” said Gianluca Maselli. “You twist the operating handle like how you drive the motorcycle to move it and it stops as soon as you let go.”

Electric mini dumpers are quieter, emit no harmful emission gas and require very basic maintenance compare to any combustion engine. They are also more efficient, as they are rechargeable by an external 10A power source, reducing fuel costs and without the hazard of storage of flammable fuel.

In terms of performance, this generation of electric mini dumpers is used for general purposes. It is not suitable for use on country roads or rough terrains. However, electric mini dumpers are increasingly popular due to their environmentally-friendly advantages and lower operating costs over time.

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