Front Tine Tillers, Rear Tine Tillers and Mini Tillers

Front Tine Tillers, Rear Tine Tillers and Mini Tillers - A Brief Introduction

Tiller is a power garden tool that is normally used in garden or yard areas to break up/ loosen the surface soil of the hard ground and mix the materials together to make the soil ready for planting. Sometimes the tiller can also be used to weed the area. Powered by a petrol engine or perhaps an electric motor, the metal blades – tines will rotate to do the digging job. There are different types of tillers. According to the position of the tines, we can define a Front Tine Tiller and a Rear Tine Tiller while they are actually designed to suit for different purposes.

Forestwest supplies three models of tillers: Front Tine Tiller BM11122, Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller BM11123, Mini Tiller/Cultivator BM11117.

  • Rear Tine Tillers Rotary Hoe

The Forestwest Rear Tine Tiller features a Dual Rotating operation. The tines are at the back of the machine that can rotate both front- and counter-directions to meet different tilling requirements: front rotation provides efficient and smooth tilling ability for lighter tilling or cultivating job; counter-rotation generates a more aggressive digging capacity which is perfect for tougher compacted ground. Usually this type of tiller is recommended for professional users and is the most expensive one. Basically it is equipped with relatively more powerful engine and is designed to be more solid and heavier than other models. One typical difference between the rear tine tiller and the front tine tiller is that the engine drives the wheels of the rear tine tiller, which means the wheels and tines work separately.

Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller is good for:

  1.  Heavy duty job breaking hard or rocky soil/ground with counter-rotation action,
  2. Tilling the established area with front rotation action and finish the job easily,
  3. Dealing with large and complicated areas with high versatility.
  • Mini Tillers

The Mini Tiller is actually a smaller Front Tine Tiller. It is also known as a soil blender because it can blend the soil finer. Compared to the other models, this one is lighter in weight and more portable. Basically this model is designed for relatively loose soil and small gardens, not for virgin hard ground or rocky soil.

The Mini Tiller is good for:

  1. Raised bed gardens to blend soil before planting
  2. Controlling weed growth
  3. Smaller garden areas with relatively loosen soils.
  • Front tine tillers

The Forestwest Front Tine Tiller has the tines in the front. Typically the tines rotate forward digging the earth which will literally pull the machine forward. Operator needs to hold the upper handle and control the machine from propelling too far. Basically this type of tiller is easy to maneuver around. However, it should be noticed that it might not easy for a front tine tiller to till a solid virgin ground as the tines always tend to skip over the soil, while counter-rotating models will be more ideal for that. Compared to a rear tine tiller, this model is more affordable and has lighter weight and better maneuverability.

Front tine tiller is good for:

  1. Dealing with moderately hard ground or established gardens,
  2. Breaking up the clods and mix the organic materials into the soil,
  3. Small to medium sized areas, and also suitable for gardens with tight corners.

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