10ton Kinetic Log Splitter on Stand Upgraded 1800W

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Robin J.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
10 ton Kinetic log splitter

Does a good job of splitting jarrah in a fraction of the time it used to take me manually.

Peter C.
Australia Australia
Forest west 10 tonne kinetic splitter

I have only trialled the unit. It is effective but I will reserve judgement until I have split a substantial quantity. In general I am happy with construction, paint quality, welding etc.. There were quite a few loose nuts and bolts. This is not acceptable and torques should be correct on all preassembled elements. When assembling, excessive paint on both axles had to be removed with emery strip so as to be able to fit the wheels. For a unit that costs this much a better manual outlining assembly and maintenance and routine lubrication etc. is warranted. The assembly diagram is not highly detailed so positioning of washers is not clear. Details on lubrication are vague even though it is important. Also on my unit the inside lock nut on the threaded tube where the cable is run through the wall of the power box is missing. This means the cable is not properly secured. To fit an inner locknut means the box has to be opened and cable unscrewed from terminals. I have had to use the outer luck nut on the inside and then I have used a jubilee clamp to secure the threaded sleeve on the outside. This is far from ideal. If an operator doesn’t have disconnect / reconnect qualification you are placing owner in poor position if they effect this repair themselves. The plastic cover over the red and green off / on switches is ridiculous and flops over the buttons making them difficult to acccess. I have had to remove it. I’d also suggest the switches are too close together. The unit should have a mushroom off button that can be operated more easily than a button you need to poke down with a finger. I’d question whether the current switches are compliant with any Australian Standard. You should also make it clear that the unit is fitted with a 15 amp pinned plug. Most domestic users will not have a 15amp circuit and PowerPoint. I have had to modify an extension cord that has 10 amp make on one end and 15 amp female in the other to accept the 15 amp male plug on the unit. I would only recommend the product if I can be confident these faults are addressed.

Mike L.
Australia Australia
10 ton kinetic log splitter

Very happy with it's performance.I like the stand and rack. On logs with twisty grain which do not split through, I use a block of wood between the log and the head of rack. It would improve the manouvreability if the track of the wheels was wider because the machine is very top heavy.

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